1. What kind of services do you provide?

Cost Planning, Cost Estimate, Drafting Services & Project Management

2. How can I request for an estimate quote?

Please email your inquiries to info@starqtech.com.au

3. How much do you charge for your services? Can you supply your rates per type of service?

We have on-demand and subscription options which we can discuss during our free consultation.

4. Do you offer packages for your services?

We have service packages which we can discuss during our free consultation.

5. What is the turnaround time to get a quote?

Expected turn-around time for your estimate is 5-10 business days depending on the size of the project and type of service.

6. Can you do an expedited quotation?

Yes, we do. We can certainly help clients who need a quick turn-around, just an add-on of 30% for urgent project.

7. What are included on your estimate quote?

We provide comprehensive costing of your project, supplier pricing, tender inclusions and exclusions. Last thing you would need to do is review, adjust costings and margins suited to your business, then incorporate the costing for your submission. We can also prepare the tender letter ready for submission on your behalf (depending on your service requested).

8. Do you have additional charges for revisions?

If revisions have been received prior to our committed submission date to you, there would be no charge. If the changes are significant changes it would attract loading cost and if we have received them after we have completed the work.

9. Do you quote small projects? How about large projects?

Yes, we do estimate projects from small, medium and large scale projects. We can do up to $50M per trade.

10. Do you do meet ups with clients to further discuss the details of the project? Is there any additional charge?

Is there any additional charge? We do client meetings and hand-over through online-meeting platform. In case we need to meet personally to discuss the finer details of the project, a consultation fee would be charge per hour.

11. Can you do variations if the builder keeps on changing the scope of works?

Yes, we can do administrative work related to your project, even project manage your job remotely. Please let us know on how we can offload you to run an agile business.

12. Can you help with tender submissions?

Yes, we have help our clients to put their best foot forward with tender submission and secure the project, even on the vetting table. We can arrange this at the start so you have very professional and presentable tender letter and exceed your client’s expectation.

13. Can you help if I have additional questions regarding the quote?

Yes, we can certainly give you hand to issue an RFI (Request for Information) on your behalf to your client or builder.

14. How accurate is the estimate that you submit?

Yes, we always make sure you are 100% happy and confident about your costing prior to submission date.

15. Can you do our quote even if we are not located in Victoria?

Yes, we have helped clients across Australia and New Zealand.

16. What if there are different contractors working on the same project, how do you handle this?

We only do 1:1 for every client to ensure competitiveness in the market. We don’t sell/share any details of our estimate output to any third party unless the client instructs us to do so to liaise supplier pricing.

17. How do I pay you?

You can pay through direct deposit, credit card or direct debit to your account.