Drafting is the skill set requisite of Architectural Draftsmen – or Drafters as they are usually called – wherein they make detailed drawings of building projects to help factor in expected and unexpected costs while adhering to building codes.

Drafting Company Melbourne

Dedicated engineers and estimators help give estimates for homeowners looking to complete their dream house to architectural giants eyeing the next big real estate project. Drafters help get estimates of every essential and non-essential component used during the building process. Expert Melbourne Drafting Service companies often go the extra mile to help clients source all individual items from the list of materials in the quantity required.

A thorough search on the internet along with asking around reliable experts would help you zero in on a reliable and affordable Drafting Company Melbourne has to offer for your drafting requirements.

Melbourne Take-off Services

Skilled estimators amongst the very many Melbourne Take-off services are more than capable to provide clients with estimates prepared in the minutest details covering all aspects of the building in question – be it residential, commercial or industrial. A range of services by Melbourne Drafting Service will be on offer which includes, but are not limited to:

Drywall Take-off:

Whether a commercial property or a multi-residential one be in question – if drywall take-off is on your mind – it can get done with conservative estimates. One ought to head to the best Melbourne Drafting Service for such estimates.

Masonry Take-off:

Whether a small structure or high-rise building, it is pretty easy to come by drafters who provide estimates if a masonry take-off is what you need.

Landscape Take-off:

For this, estimators collaborate with landscaping engineers to provide clients with an accurate estimate needed for the landscape take-off. Engineers from the best Melbourne Drafting Service organizations would first need to study the area involved and its components.

Paint Take-off:

All building projects – of different categories and sizes – would eventually require pint, primer, and other finishes. A paint take-off service provider will be able to give an estimate for such work without going overboard during execution.

Enjoy all the above and more take-off services if you avail of any Melbourne Drafting Service. They take care of your Flooring, Roofing, and Ceiling take-off and can also provide special Lumber, Siding, Door, and Windows take-off at affordable prices. Even a metal frame take-off or a Lighting Fixtures take-off is not difficult for the adept Melbourne Drafting Service companies.

Melbourne Estimating Experts

Draftsmen from a reputed Melbourne Drafting Service would usually cost clients around $3,000 to $15,000. While Melbourne Estimating experts can cost up to $15,000, it is not unusual to get a decent professional in this field within $9,000.

Price Variation:

Costs depend on the city and state. While the average hourly rate for drafting services in Australia tends to be $25, the average drafting cost per square metre as charged by any Melbourne Drafting Service would be anywhere around $25 to $35.


The terrain where the building stands, and its surrounding conditions are accounted for by a draftsman while estimating cost. Places prone to frequent high winds or fire mishaps usually drive up overhead costs.


As most drafters charge by the square metre, houses of huge proportions would naturally cost way more. Thus, multi-storeyed apartments or houses are nowhere as cheap as a simple room or an extension of a room when it comes to drafting estimates.

Skill and Complexity:

While simple houses such as those made of wood-frames will cost less, something more complex possessing an artistic design and exquisite elements such as glass would cost more. This is not only due to the materials involved but also because of the experience in craftsmanship required – thus calling for an experienced draftsman who would charge more.


Alterations in pre-approved plans or a few rounds of revision are commonplace before arriving at the final approved project plan. These alterations may affect the cost but not to an extent that starting afresh would.

Council Submissions:

Each submission to the council will raise the price by just a bit more – so it is wise to check in advance if your draftsman is going to opt for council submissions or not.

Structural Engineers:

If the project calls for a structural engineer to be included on board, one must be ready to encounter even more costs on drafting estimates. What makes an engineer necessary for projects is the need to check for flooding potential, zoning restrictions, seismic activity, etc.

Once you are in the market for an expert draftsman, you must remember to check for certifications, college training, and whether or not they are registered in your state to provide any service. Hiring the one who bids the cheapest would not be an ideal solution to finding a Melbourne Drafting Service suited to your needs. Comparing packages and prioritizing the draftsman’s experience will help make a sound decision.

Make sure to always head to the best in the profession amongst all Melbourne Drafting Service, to get accurate estimates of all pre-construction requirements as also post-construction necessities that help your dream project be completed successfully.